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2 croppedHello! My name is Tamara Eristavi, I am an award-winning wellness specialist and owner-operator at Young! Strong! Happy! – a fully licensed coaching business, serving OC for 9 years. 

My mission is to help clients improve their quality of life, through a wide range of tools.

It is my passion to help people get rid of damaging influences and patterns, be it internal or external.

My clients build a better life with the mind and body that are strong, flexible, agile and able to take on challenges as well as enjoy fun that life has to offer.
While success depends on client’s involvement and consistency, the results can be nothing short of astonishing. With that said, I do not embark on a journey, unless I am confident in the potential for my client’s success.
Whether you need to recover from injuries or stress, reshape your figure, your habits or even overhaul your entire lifestyle, here you will find a one-stop solution, thanks to the combination of my qualifications: Corrective exercise, Wellness and Life Coaching, Meditation, Yoga and Fitness, and years of experience in Physical Therapy.

If you feel that you need to make a change, but you can’t seem to make headway on your own, or if you are overwhelmed not knowing where to start, reach out for a complementary consultation to learn how I can help you reach your goals.

My commitment is to make our work together nurturing, efficient and rewarding for clients.

I regularly offer community classes, workshops and pro bono work.
I work with clients at my private studio and in their homes.

*This business does not distribute or promote any brands, products or devices

More information about my services:
Life coaching & meditation
– Yoga

– Fitness and how working with me is different from your run-of-the-mill workouts

– Click here if you’d like to try a *fitness fun* session with me.


~ Young!Strong!Happy  A Heart-Centered Business  ~

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