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2 croppedHello! My name is TAMARA ERlSTAVl.
I am an award-winning wellness specialist and yoga/ fitness instructor in Orange County, California. I believe in mindful, sustainable exercise that leaves you energized and uplifted. I’m also a fun-loving dancer and a true hedonist: life is short, and I do not believe in tedious and painful workouts that only add to the daily grind. I don’t think a trainer should yell or forcefully push their clients toward success. And, latest research supports this opinion.

What I do believe is that exercise is meant to be a stress-reliever; it is meant to inspire; it is meant to awaken a feeling of aliveness, physical and emotional empowerment, and to leave us looking forward to more.

In short, fitness is supposed to be FUN!

If you’d like to learn about my work, follow these links:

– Yoga and Meditation instruction

– Fitness and how working with me is different from your run-of-the-mill workouts

– Click here if you’d like to try a *fitness fun* session with me.  Yep, let’s do this!


~ Young!Strong!Happy  A Heart-Centered Business  ~

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