My Goddess Power™ Workout

My Goddess Power Workout is a holistic way to achieve body/mind wellness through a synthesis of physical exercises and gentle mental conditioning. It is a unique, whole-body workout designed to shape your body, empower your mind and nurture your soulful, feminine side.

My Goddess Power™ Workout is based on simplified elements of the ancient art of Belly Dance, which is very beneficial for the whole body. It strengthens the majority of muscles and joints, provides a natural invigorating massage to internal organs, encourages positive self-image and brings emotional fulfillment. 

In addition, our classes include principles from Chinese Qi Gong, Yoga, as well as special tools for emotional empowerment and stress release. (For more details, scroll to the bottom.)

Classes run in small groups where the instructor can focus more attention on each participant.

By regularly attending My Goddess Power™ classes you can expect the following BENEFITS:

-Strengthen & sculpt all major muscle groups
-Acquire an impeccable posture = relief and prevention of back pain & strain
-Improve flexibility
-Release and prevent stress
-Loosen & relax your pelvis & hips
-Improve digestion
-Improve your balance

-Stand out from the crowd and impress others with dignified and elegant carriage
-Learn to always feel good in your skin & to love your body no matter what!
-Feel more calm, confident and poised
-Bring out the mysterious power that lies dormant in most people
-Improve your sexual life and intimacy

Achieve all of this and MORE, while having lots of FUN!

To sign up for classes, please join our meetup (our membership is free) 🙂
Alternatively, you can contact me.

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