why choose me

So, why work with me, and what moved my clients to pick me over hundreds of other great wellness coaches available in the area?

Experience tells me, you may benefit from working with me if you answer “Yes” to one of these questions:

  • Do you suffer from chronic pain/discomfort due to a musculoskeletal disorder or injury?
  • Are you struggling with headaches or migraines?
  • Do you often feel overwelmed?
  • Have you been trying in vain to improve your posture?
  • Are you looking for fun and variety in your workouts?
  • Do you have trouble staying motivated or even hate exercise altogether?
  • Do you feel intimidated by trainers who are too pushy or too “tough”?
  • Do you prefer a trainer with a warm and patient attitude, who will establish a genuine connection with you and truly care about your well-being and success? (see what a celebrity trainer has to say: celebrity trainer, David Kirsch, on how to choose the right trainer)
  • Do you believe your trainer should be mindful and considerate of your unique needs as well as preferences ?
  • Would you like a trainer who stays up-to-date with latest scientific research on health and fitness?
  • Do you require a careful approach to exercise, because of being physically deconditioned by a sedentary lifestyle or as a result of childbirth, injury, illness etc?
  • Do you feel discouraged or disheartened after struggling with your fitness level or weight problems?
  • Would you like to work with a creative trainer who is passionate about inspiring you?
  • Are you looking for a trainer who can work with you anywhere, in your home or outside, with minimal equipment, and still help you achieve spectacular results?
  • Would you like to learn how to condition your mind for continuous success and maintain a healthy lifestyle for life?

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If you’d like to know more, check out this page or see my professional profile in the nationwide database of fitness professionals.
My qualifications:
Certified Wellness and Fitness Coach.
Weight Loss & Pilates Certifications pending
Member of IDEA Health & Fitness Association
Certified Meditation Instructor
Belly Dance instructor
Creator of the innovative My Goddess Power™ Workout
You can learn more about who I am here

If some of the above resonates with you, we might just be a match! Drop me a line or give me a quick call at (949) 441-0678, and allow me to treat you to a complementary training session.

Till then, Stay Young! 🙂

~ Young!Strong!Happy!  A Heart-Centered Business

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