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Pursuit of Happiness

My name is Tamara Eristavi, I’m a licensed wellness specialist, based in the beautiful Orange County, California. I’m also a vegetarian and have been dubbed a “health nut”.

Having come a very long way through hardship and pain, and well into my sixth decade, I’m proud to say that I’m living the life of my dreams and feeling as young and bouncy as ever! Here’s a bit more about me…

I’ve been a dancer at heart since early childhood, but scoliosis and weak health have prevented me from becoming a ballerina – something I dreamed about fervently… Instead, I pursued piano and singing which did not contribute much to my physical health. During my university years I developed a life-long appreciation for Hatha Yoga and meditation, and became an avid horseback rider, but that did not last long.

After getting married and becoming a mother of two I, as many other happy moms, forgot about my own needs. My health went downhill from there. Harsh living conditions in a country torn by a war, stress from sleepless nights and constant relocation, including moving clear across the globe, stress and exhaustion of being a full-time working mom, followed by separation, divorce and virtual bankruptcy, lead into a protracted depression and constant fatigue. All of this brought me practically to the brink of a disability.

In my 30s I could hardly climb a flight of stairs without panting and was suffering from joint pains, back pain, low blood pressure, palpitations, headaches, brain fog, severe depression, anxiety and internet addiction. I had no willpower, no motivation, and gained about 20 lbs on junk food. I have no pictures to show my weight, because I was thoroughly ashamed, and was avoiding company, much less taking photos. I also became impatient, irritable and inattentive toward my kids, and generally felt old, worn out and confused. 

But then, unexpectedly, something remarkable happened. I was literally saved when I stumbled upon belly dance, and that changed my life was forever. The magic of this beautiful, unconventionally expressive and spiritual form of art has profoundly impacted me and re-ignited the spark of passion for life. But more importantly, regular gentle exercise slowly brought back my youth, rebuilt my self-esteem and improved my health in many aspects; something I had not expected at that age! Ever since then, it’s been up and up.

I dedicated all my free time to yoga, exercise and studying theoretical fundamentals of body mechanics. I worked with a personal trainer on a regular basis. Soon, my hobby turned into a vocation and I decided to become a wellness professional. I started with a fitness certification and continued expanding my knowledge and skill base by taking multiple courses in health, wellness, life coaching, meditation and yoga.

Now, in my mid-fifties, I feel 30 years younger. Despite a very busy life, I take a good care of myself, enjoy lasting peace of mind and have energy for anything and everything I desire to do. My typical week contains at least 6 days of physical activity, like weight lifting, calisthenics, hiking, yoga and swimming. I’m happy to say, that I was able to put most of my old physical and mental health challenges behind me.

And here is the list of personal challenges that I was able to resolve and control in my life:

Generalized anxiety disorder
Childhood trauma
Sleep paralysis
Nutritional deficiencies
Severe heart palpitations (supraventricular tachycardia)
Joint pain
Back pain
GERD (acid reflux)
Excess weight
Plantar fasciitis

To learn more about my work, please look here and here.
I appreciate your interest, and if there had to be one main idea that I’d like to leave you with, it would be:

Never, ever,  give up on your Pursuit of Happiness! 

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact me: I would love to hear your thoughts.

Coach T

*Licences # 190000453, 190000455, 190000456.
Trustline certified.

Young!Strong!Happy  A Heart-Centered Business  ~

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