Stretch & relax

(this is an indoor class)

Join me in a serene atmosphere to reconnect with your body, release muscle tension and relieve stress.

Our gentle stretching/relaxation class will help soothe your body and mind and increase flexibility and general sense of well-being. Flexibility exercises are vital, whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle or are an avid athlete. They gradually increase the functional range of motion, preventing injuries, falls and deterioration of the spine and joints, potentially saving you from pain, expensive treatments and loss of quality of life.

Class takes place indoors, with dimmed lights and soft music.

Currently not offered – inquire about future classes at (949)441-0678

Admission: $25/class
If you are not fully satisfied with your first experience, the fee will be waived.
The following, limited time offer packages are available:
10 classes: $200

Please read this important information:

• If you have any health concerns, especially any serious health problems or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before attempting any physical activities

• Make sure you allow 1 – 1.5 hours AFTER a large meal or 30 min after a snack, before class

• What to WEAR: comfortable, stretchy attire that will not constrict your movements, long pants preferred but not required

• What to BRING:
Yoga mat – if you don’t have one, you can borrow it in class
Foam roller – if you own one

• With any questions, you can call/text (949) 441-0678 or email

• By joining the meetup, you agree to Meetup Terms of Service releases the Organizer and Assistant Organizers from any liability related to incidents that occur at Meetup gatherings

• Classes are lead by a certified fitness instructor

For more info:
1. Call/text: 949-441-0678

2. Email:

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