Enhance your brain function naturally (dopamine, part 2)

This is part two of our conversation about dopamine (watch part one)

So, we already know how important dopamine is for our brains. Now, let’s talk in brief about some simple ways you can improve your brain function and emotional well-being naturally, by stimulating dopamine production:
1. Sleep 7 or more hours, preferably at the same time every night
2. Expose your eyes to bright light every morning (do not look straight into the light source) 3. Eat healthy, nutritious foods (we will discuss that in the future)
4. Meditate (meditation is proven to increase dopamine levels)
5. Exercise not only increases dopamine levels, but improves sensitivity to dopamine
6. Spend time in the nature
7. Brief cold exposure (cold shower, ice bucket, ice bath) has potent effects, similar to stimulant drug, but without negative side effects
8. Reduce the use of screens (they deplete your dopamine levels and reduce sensitivity to dopamine)
9. Avoid stress (dopamine is used in response to stress, which leads to reduced mental energy.
We will be discussing all these tips in detail in the future, so follow for more.

Be kind to yourself. And to others.

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