Neck Pain Workshop

Neck pain is one of the most common afflictions in our society. When left unaddressed, it can lead to extremely serious complications, affect our quality of life and profictivity. As a fitness trainer and physical therapy assistant in the past, it pains me to meet people who neglect their necks, and others, who have tried and failed to find effective solutions.

If you experience neck stiffness, pain, reduced range of motion, migraines: first of all, I urge you to speak with a knowledgeable medical specialist. If you have already tried that, or if for whatever reason you chose not to – this event might be right for you. In this workshop we will discuss typical causes of neck pain, and effective ways to prevent and reduce it.

You will learn and practice exercises and stretches that provide short-and long-term relief, and, with consistency – improve your neck and spinal health. No gimmics or magical pills will be offered. The way to health is knowledge a dedicated, consistent effort.

WHEN: Saturday, January 12th, 3:00PM-4:30PM.
For future dates, contact (949)441-0678

WHERE: The workshop will be held in a private fitness studio. For exact address, please PM or call the organizer (949)441-0678

TUITION: $20 (my personal guarantee: if you are not satisfied with your experience – it’s on me)

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