Fix Your Back – correct preventable back problems

A healthy spine is the backbone of our well-being (excuse the pun.) A proper posture, a healthy alignment, adequate strength and flexibility are crucial for normal functioning. On the other hand, any imbalance in the back has a potential of snowballing into a serious problem. The more we wait to address it, the harder it will be to fix. Yet, if you catch it early, you could prevent injuries, surgeries and loss of productivity, to say nothing of all the pain. In this class, guided by an award-winning wellness specialist, you will learn and practice everything you need to keep a healthy back, and as a side effect you will feel stronger, more flexible and energized.

This weekly is held on Tuesdays 6-7 pm, starting on 1/14 in a private fitness studio.

For address and with questions, please RSVP at 949-441-0678. Space is limited.

Tuition: $25/class or $200/10 classes.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!

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