No more headaches!

Headaches are a billion-dollar problem, considering missed workdays, reduced productivity and the use of pain killers. It is commonly believed that the only cure for headaches are NSAIDs (pain meds) and sleep. However, many people don’t realize that there are simple ways to live headache-free.

In my wellness practice I often work with headache sufferers. Tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines of various types, cervicogenic headaches – these afflictions have been part of human life for thousands of years. While some of them can indicate an underlying condition, the majority of cases can be successfully prevented and managed at home.

In this hands-on workshop we will discuss types of headaches, learn about their risks, as well as natural ways to prevent and manage them.

*NOT all headaches can or should be managed at home – there are serious, sometimes life-threatening conditions that need to be addressed medically. Always make sure you talk to your doctor about headaches or other unusual symptoms.

Tuesdays 11 – 11:45 am.
Schedule subject to change
For current schedule visit our calendar or call/text (949)441-0678

The class will be held in a private fitness studio in Woodbridge. For exact address, or any other inquiries please text/call the organizer at (949)441-0678

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