Feeling down? Could be lack of dopamine

If you feel unmotivated, unfocused, depressed, tired, have low libido or were diagnosed with ADHD, you might be dealing with low dopamine levels.

Neuroscientists teach us that dopamine is a precious substance in our brain that helps with focus, alertness, motivation, positive attitude, strong memory, creativity, willpower and stress response.

The good news is that you can improve that naturally and for free. We’ll talk about that in part 2 (coming soon!)

*All materials on this channel are intended for educational purpose only and cannot replace medical or mental health expertise and services. Please consult your doctor/healthcare provider if you are seeking medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Your next chapter might be your greatest one!

The world is weary. 

And, even if you don’t feel that right now, most likely there is a part of you that is tired. Tired of hearing perturbing and distressing news. Tired of having to face shocking changes. Tired of wondering what else might come tomorrow. 

I feel like in the past few years the world has been feeling emotionally abused. And this wild ride does not show signs of slowing down. 2022 year has been a raging roller-coaster, and now we’re hearing rumors about possible food shortages and layoffs. 

As a wellness coach, my biggest question these days is: how do we handle this mayhem and remain functional? How do we find the strength to move forward, let alone – succeed? The answers may lie in the experiences of those who have been through hell and back before and are here to tell the story.  

In the past few years, I have been getting a lot of deja-vu. As a Georgian* national, living between Georgia and Russia in 1980s and 90s I lived through two revolutions, a civil war, countless food shortages and profound lack of civil rights. Georgia was essentially at war with Russia in 1991, those were the scariest times of my life, and I still can’t fully put my experiences into words. 

But what I can express is this: no matter how worrisome, disorienting or maddening your life is now, you CAN get through it. We will see a better life on the other end of this tunnel. I have lived through endless days and nights of terror and despair. It seemed like it will never be over, and I was vacillating between feeling paralyzed and enraged. But I’m here to tell you – everything has a beginning and an end. It is crucial to remember that now. 

Back in my 20s, I didn’t have the tools or the right support to handle such major disasters. I was crushed. PTSD and anxiety went on to haunt me for many years. But I was looking for a way out, and you know what? When you seek a solution, you will find it. 

I know that many of us have sustained major losses. And you may have lost friends or family, either literally or figuratively. You may have lost your job, possessions or even your dwelling. The amount of pain and sadness your hearts carry is staggering. It’s palpable. I could see the pain of millions of people when I was in my 20s, and I can see your pain now. But I am telling you – there absolutely ARE resources within and around you to help you get through dark times. 

On my healing journey, I realized that the human ability to overcome and bounce back is phenomenal. With the right tools, and support anyone can achieve victory over their circumstances. 

You may feel lost, powerless or scared. But I want you to hear me when I say that you are capable of overcoming your challenges. And if you can’t find the strength within – please, I beg you –  reach out, connect with others, open yourself up to help. Allow others to express their human nature by supporting you. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about seeking assistance. 

Shame and guilt are products of judgement, and judgement is a tool of oppression and ultimately, abuse. 

So, my friends, being human is at the same time scary and amazing, because in the darkest of times, we can raise above our circumstances to become our strongest and best selves through healing and helping others heal. 

I thank you for being here with me right now, and I invite you to stay close. We’ll get through this together. and please promise me that you will take a good care of yourself. And if you don’t know how – look for answers every day, until you find them.
There is an important reason why you are in this world, and your next chapter might just be your greatest one!

Coach T.

All materials on this website are intended for educational purpose only and cannot replace medical or mental health expertise and services. Please consult your doctor/healthcare provider if you are seeking medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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excuses, excuses…

excuses?None of this is easy. We are all very busy, there is so much urgency and chaos in our environment and it is so hard to focus on yourself. We get tired, we have pains and aches or maybe we’re not in a mood, whatever the excuse, our “exercise ethics” can suffer greatly. But what are the ramifications?

How often do we ask ourselves what can eventually happen if we don’t take care of your health? What is to come in 10, 20, 30 years? While working with seniors, I have learned that even seemingly insignificant habits can bring huge repercussions down the road. So, why not choose your habits wisely? Why not think ahead and work toward a healthy future? And when it comes to overcoming challenges, thankfully, life provides some outstanding examples of heroic perseverance and dedication.


Here’s one of them: a disabled veteran who defied all odds and demonstrated a miracle of epic proportions. I’m grateful for people like him and, I’ll admit that I can’t watch this without tearing up… Arthur’s incredible transformation.

This is what means never giving up your Pursuit of Happiness!

 I will be happy to help you overcome all your excuses and get Younger, Stronger and Happier!  For a free session with a Certified Personal Trainer anywhere in Orange County, call (949) 441-0678 or submit your inquiry here.
Till then, stay Young! 🙂

 Heart-Centered Business  ~

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It’s too late… or is it?

never too late

Every now and then I come across a client who is concerned that it may be too late for  them to start getting in shape. In fact, sometimes I hear people say things like: “Well, I’m over the “hill” now, I don’t want to make a laughing stock of myself “pumping iron” (learning yoga, skipping rope or what have you) at 55 (65, even 85)! This is a common misconception. We are born to move, and there’s no excuse for neglecting our  body’s inherent need for exertion.

never too late 2Actually studies have repeatedly confirmed that with a proper approach people of all ages greatly benefit from exercise. Typically, with regular exercise, one is expected to see improvements in multiple areas: from regulated blood pressure and sugar, to improved balance, bone density and cardiovascular health, to elevated mood, lifted anxiety and depression, to say nothing of muscle tone and more youthful appearance. I have consistently seen such changes in my “senior” clients, no matter whether they were in their sixties or eighties, and the joy in their eyes is the best proof of the benefits.

sheperdOne of the most striking examples* that illustrate my point is the remarkable story of Ernestine Shepherd, a two-time Guinness World record holder as oldest  competing bodybuilder at 76 years of age! You may think, being a bodybuilder, she surely has been into this all her life. Not so! She began training at seventy-one! Follow the link below to watch her strut her stuff proudly, could ever guess her age?

Video: Ernestine Shepherd – Bodybuilder at 76!



Another amazing example is Johanna Quaas, an 86 (eighty-six!) year young German lady, who holds a Guinness World record as an oldest gymnast.

Video: Johanna Quaas, an 86 year young Gymnast!

Never too late

These are just two out of scores of people who choose to challenge themselves daily and claim the healthy and active life they deserve! It is NEVER too late. No matter how hard the work, the payoff is immeasurable. Admittedly, it can be hard to get out of your comfort zone, break old habits and take action. If you find yourself debating on whether or not to take on a challenge of getting in a better shape, ask for support from your loved ones: after all, they will benefit from your improved health as well!

The best way to ensure you stay on track and reach your goals with less time and effort is to hire a professional who will create a personalized fitness regimen and offer you meal suggestions that are most suitable to your needs and requirements. Schedule a complimentary personal training session with a Certified Personal Trainer in Orange County by clicking here or simply call (949) 441-0678. You can also sign up here for our monthly newsletter to receive free  tips, tools and secrets to improve your health and fitness. Give yourself a chance to grow younger, stronger and happier. You’ll be glad you did!

Till then, stay Young! 🙂

 Heart-Centered Business  ~

*More inspiring stories:

A 92 year-old cancer survivor and marathoner

A 93 year-old Yoga instructor!

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