Meditation and mindfulness practices have changed my life 30 years ago, and since then I have been deepening my practice.

I assist my students in gaining control of their lives by building a mind and body that are strong, resilient, and capable of taking on challenges as well as enjoying everything life has to offer.

I provide instruction in following types of meditation: Mindfulness, Imaging/visualization, Mantra/Sutra, Kundalini, Zazen, Gong, White Tantric, breath and movement.

It is my deepest passion and life purpose to guide seekers on their path toward healing and higher awareness. As a war survivor, mindfulness has helped me transcend my experiences and leave my PTSD behind. I genuinely love my job, care about my clients, and would consider it an honor to be of service in your search for higher awareness and mental-emotional freedom.

If this resonates with you, feel free to request a complementary introductory session via email, text or call (949) 441-0678.

Also, see meditations for couples.

~ Young!Strong!Happy!  A Heart-Centered Business  ~

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