Meditations For Couples – deepening the heartfelt connection

Creating a deeper connection through meditation can transform a relationship. In my 30 years of studying meditation, I was fortunate to work with many talented teachers, and the changes to my life were astonishing. Now I am excited to share what I’ve been learning about connecting with a loved one on a deeper level.

In our classes we will explore the art of connecting with another human being on a more profound level through meditation and mindful exchange. We will also learn simple tools that can help reduce stress response and dissipate tense situations.

Our gatherings are held in a private residence, the capacity is limited to about 15 people. We will begin our practice with a quick introduction between the attendees.

After going over some organizational details, we will learn a stress-reducing practice/tool that can be used in daily life (a new tool will be introduced at every session.) You will be encouraged to practice this technique right away and ask any questions.

Following that, we will delve into a centering meditation, followed by a tune-in to connect with the partner, and then the main meditation and/or mindfulness exercise (you may need a pen and a paper.)

During our sessions you and your partner will be able to relax, restore, release stress and deepen the emotional, mental and spiritual connection between the two of you. You will learn simple couple’s meditations and some tools that can be used to dissipate tension, conflict and emotional strain. These tools will help you to prevent and resolve arguments in a mindful, respectful way and create a more harmonious environment in your home.

In conclusion, everybody is encouraged to share their experiences/feedback and ask questions.

This is a non-religious meetup that welcomes people of all faiths, sexual orientations and beliefs. Classes are lead by a certified meditation instructor with 30 years of experience.

Looking forward to seeing you and your partner at our sessions!

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